Travelling with children

Kids become bored, anxious and restless very quickly when it comes to travel. Smooth those holiday travel blues by being prepped before you depart.

Here’s how:

  • Get there early. Flying? Be well prepared, get there early so you can breeze though the formalities and spend quality time with your children before take-off.
  • Don’t leave packing until the last minute.
  • Include toys and games to keep the kids busy.
  • Pop in a few surprises to be whipped out when things get stressful.
  • Keep everyone’s travel documents in one place and include a pen.
  • Use the travel time as an opportunity to engage with your offspring. Whether it’s driving or flying, have a few appropriate games lined up – they can be as simple as ‘I Spy’, ‘Twenty Questions’ or number plate spotting. Award prizes at stages in the journey for good behaviour, spotting famous landmarks, noticing interesting things and so on.
  • Stop for breaks. It’s not always a race to get there – enjoy the trip, let the kids stretch their legs and do something fun en route.
  • Let everyone go wild taking photos on their favourite device, creating memories they can share with family and friends.
  • Make sure everyone wears a seat belt.
  • Have a refreshments box at hand and a plastic bag for the litter.
  • Pack a pillow or two for the kids to sleep on.

Pack an emergency bag containing wet wipes, tissues, change of clothes and, most importantly, a sealable plastic bag, especially when travelling with young children.

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