Amakhosi Safari Lodge

Take a trip on the wild side and relish the beauty of Zululand’s breathtaking wildlife.

In Zululand we’re blessed with the best of both worlds, bush and beach – and when it comes to the bush, there are a number of spectacular game reserves that offer royal service in the middle of nowhere!

Amakhosi Safari Lodge is one of these getaway gems. It’s five star, so be prepared to fork out a little more than your average bush getaway. It takes luxury to another level, and the simple fact that you’re surrounded by untouched wildlife, makes the experience that more magical. Here you get to indulge in fine cuisine, go on scintillating night safaris and, off course, relax in the comfort of your luxurious suite.

The safari lodge is situated on the banks of the Mkhuze River (need we say more about the amazing views?) You have the option to choose between the River Suites, Honeymoon Suites and IsiGodlo Private House.

Just when we thought it can’t get any better, we discovered that they also have a spa specialising in Africology! Imagine, panoramic views of the river while nature’s beautiful sounds and melodies calm the soul while you soak up some TLC.

Goosebumps yet? We suggest you put this down on your list of places to visit in South Africa.

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