Thinking of doing something a little adventurous this weekend?

Hold on, we’re not talking about going on a Zululand relic hunt, but rather getting your adrenaline pumping from zero to 100 in 5 seconds flat!

If that’s the case, then we have a suggestion – paintballing!

Just a word of caution though – if your pain threshold is… let’s say minimal, rather sit this one out!

It’s loads of fun and can get a little competitive depending on the group of people you tag along.

As long as you have your mask on, play nicely, and remember it’s all in the name of fun, then you’re bound enjoy every single minute of your paintballin’ battle.

If you’re sold on the idea but not too sure where to go, there’s a paintball base in Alton Richards Bay – Redbase Paintball.

R125 per person gets you 100 paint balls, a mask, a gun and even a marshal to make sure you guys don’t play dirty.

It is opened 7 days a week, from 3pm onwards on a weekday and all day during the weekends.

Build your ‘army’ (only the brave will do) and go forth into the world and have some fun!

For more info call them on 081 4267620.