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The sweet life

Remember the days when school holidays meant makeshift forts, picnics outside, climbing trees and riding bikes around the neighbourbood?

With technology and the increased crime rate, school holidays now means sitting in front of the television or computer all day, binging on junk food. Never mind the fact that as a parent entertaining the kids during the school holidays can be such a mission, especially with the knowledge that as soon as boredom sets in, they’re likely to go into ‘mischievous’ mode.

Great news is that there is a safe entertainment haven for children from seven to 17 years at Sugar Bay Holiday Camp, considered one of South Africa’s best adventure camp.

Situated in the beautiful village of Zinkwazi, where sugar cane meets the warm Indian Ocean, the holiday camp has private access to the Zinkwazi lagoon and waterfront.

Why we love this place for the kids:

  • Safe environment for children to have fun without becoming couch potatoes
  • A one to three staff to child ratio with 24 hour supervision, life guards and counsellors, which means your kids are in safe hands
  • There are over 100 activities to enjoy with a free choice system, which basically means your child can choose what activity he or she would like to participate in
  • The programme is based on the American summer camp model,giving your kids a different take on clean fun
  • With Zululand’s all-year summer climate, what’s not to love about outdoor fun! From beach golf, go-karting to dune jumping, Sugar Bay Holiday Camp promises to be a real ‘jol’ for the youngsters.

(We’re sitting here thinking, where’s a holiday camp for us adults?)

For more information contact – 032 485 3778 or email them on [email protected]



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