5 wildlife photography tips


Going out on a game drive, but not sure how to capture the best possible photos of the majestic creatures?

We asked Zululand Observer’s Larry Bently to share his wildlife photography tips in an effort help novices brush up on their skills the next time they go out bundu bashing.

  1. Know your camera and understand the settings
  2. One of the most important tips – observe and get to know the behaviour of the animals. This will help you to anticipate opportunities, know what you are photographing as well as the area you’re photographing in
  3. Be alert and expect the unexpected – life in the bush can happen at lightning speed. Be prepared and have your camera set and ready
  4. Be patient. While it may appear to be a contradiction to the abobe, to get the magic shot one may have to spend ages waiting for an animal to show itself or for it to do something spectacular. Mother Nature has her own time
  5. Try not to zoom in. Also, take wide angle shots to show the animal’s habitat or other interesting features

Good luck and happy snapping!