Best burgers in town!

What makes a good burger? Is it the size, the patty, the condiments, the bun – oh, and what about the fries?

It is probably a combination of all of the above and, of course, the pleasure of biting into a burger that oozes with all those delicious burger juices dripping down the sides of your hands. We love a good burger over the weekend, so we thought we’d share with you some of the best burgers in town!

Elephant & I (Boardwalk Richards Bay)

They serve up some of the most delicious burgers around. Try their blue cheese and bacon burger with french fries or french salad. It’s quite a mean burger, so think about ordering this ‘bad boy’ when you’re starving. Prices: 180g – R99 and 100g – R73

Forage Bistro (Mtunzini, next to Lavendar Lane)

The Mongolian Beef Burgers with sweet potato fries are sensational. The homemade patty is flavoursome and each bite makes you want more. Also a pretty good-sized burger and at R55, it’s worth every cent!

The Outpost Bar & Restaurant (Meerensee Country Club)

They’ve only recently introduced their Tower Burger, and believe us, the taste sensation equal its good looks. It has the basics that make for a great burger and we love the fries! The burger comes with fries at R59.

Chane Cheese Farm (On R618 towards St Lucia

Here you’ll find the mother of all burgers! Let’s just start off by saying that these burgers are gigantic. The patties are homemade, which makes it so good. This is topped with double cheese, bacon and all the ‘frills’. You have to try this burger. You’re paying R75 for exceptional taste