Rustic culinary ‘jol’ at the beach

Interested in a rustic culinary ‘jol’ at the beach? Then you need to pop in at the Prawn Shak cosily situated on the stunning Amatikulu beach for a unique beach restaurant experience.

Here you can enjoy a lazy Sunday lunch – a seven-course feast to be precise – while admiring the breath-taking views. In these beautiful surroundings it is not just about eating, but rather savouring each course at leisure in an environment of bonhomie.

As soon as you arrive you are offered their signature caipirinha cocktail and taken to the really cool Rusta Bar, where you get to be a kid again if you want by relaxing on the swings.

The food is cooked over an open fire, which is probably one of the reasons why it tastes so good. Lunch is served buffet style, course after course, throughout the afternoon.

The idea here is to unwind and switch to ‘relaxation’ mode. It’s about enjoying your food with family and friends instead of merely eating and rushing off! Halfway through the seven course you are taken for a stroll on the beach – which is great for working off the mini prawn curry bunnies and ‘inspiring’ your appetite again.

Definitely worth the visit, especially if you’re a shellfish lover, like most of us at the office!

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