Looking gorgeous!

Haircare with a pinch of salt

Has the change of season done a doozy on those locks of yours? Try Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion Oil and Salt Spray to get soft, sea-tossed waves with sheen and tousled texture thanks to the sea mineral complex it contains. It’s perfect for those who need extra conditioning and it contains UV filters to guard against the drying effects of the sun. Unfortunately, this top-secret beauty quick-fix can be quite hard to find, but a little birdie told us you can buy it at Want It All, one of our favourite online shops.

Here are some summer hair tips from Joelene of Salon Jolie:

 1. Avoid hot water when showering, because hot water will make your hair dry and brittle as it strips protective oils from your hair. The water temperature should be just a bit warmer than your body temperature.

2. For shiny soft hair, prepare a mixture of 1 cup of your daily conditioner and 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Apply this mixture evenly on your wet hair. Leave in for 30 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. This mixture will close down your hair’s cuticle and give your hair that amazing shine.

3. Protect your hair before you dive into the pool. Pools can do great damage to your hair as it contains harsh chemicals. Simply apply a little conditioner to your hair before you swim.

4. Tight is NO NO. To prevent breakage due to brittle hair, avoid using hair bands and do not tie your hair too tightly.

5. Trim your hair regularly. Get your hair trimmed at least every six weeks to eliminate dry, split ends.

Turn up the heat

Red, orange and coral are hot hues for summer. Our favourite way to wear them? On our lips and nails of course! From bashful to bold, there is a multitude of shades to play with … though bright is just so much fun! Top of our list: Morgan Taylor’s Manga Round With Me, R134, an eye-catching coral for nails, and Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre lipstick in Drop Dead Red, R395, a fiery statement-maker! PS. For A-list inspiration, check out these pics of Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence … Which shade would you choose?


Two easy ways to beach proof your skin and hair

Don’t let sun, sea and sand ruin your summer look. With these quick tips, you can keep your skin and hair in tip top shape, no matter how many times you hit the beach or pool.

  1. Hydrate – and yes, that means drinking water. Lots of it, especially if you sweat! It also means hydrating your skin from the outside in by showering post-pool or sea with a moisturising body wash, and then slathering on moisturiser (preferably unscented as the sun can make skin sensitive). Make sure you condition your locks after swimming too – use a wide-tooth comb to brush the product through and allow your hair to dry natural after rinsing if possible.
  2. Protect – There’s no denying a golden glow is gorgeous, but sunburn isn’t cool or clever. Make sure you pack SPF and reapply it regularly. Choose a sunscreen with zinc oxide to reduce grease and opt for a natural brand such as Oh-Lief or Badger if you’re conscious of chemical toxins. Don’t forget to protect your lips too. It goes without saying that a hat (wide-brimmed or cap) counts as a must-have accessory, while an SPF hair spray is a nice add on. (Avoid nasty knots by swimming with your hair in a braid – it’ll keep frizz at bay too).