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The ultimate guide to a clutter free home

As the weather turns cooler, there’s no doubt we’ll all be opting to hibernate indoors rather than participate in our usual social gatherings, but what could be worse than lazing about in unwanted clutter?

In fact, the idea of returning home to a messy space can cause unwanted stress and quite frankly, none of us need that extra cortisol.

Boost your vitality and wellness by clearing out the things you don’t need with these simple steps:

Storage, storage, storage…


Achieving the perfect winter wardrobe is as simple as packing things away. Unless you have a dream vacation to the Bahamas planned, you’re not going to need any bikinis or kaftan cover-ups any time soon.

Along with your summer sandals, linen shorts and strappy blouses, pop them into plastic containers, boxes or even vacuumed pack bags – include an anti-mothball sachet for good measure – and store them at the top of your closet, under your bed or in the attic until we encounter the warmer months again.

Switch up the smell

New scents can be a lovely way to welcome the new season. Bring in deeper smells with bergamot, cinnamon and sandalwood candles. Swapping peach and cream flowers for purple and deep reds (oh, how we love the Protea!) will also make your home feel cosier.



There are tons of apps out there to help you get better control of your home. One we love in particular is Gumtree, which allows you to sell unwanted items. Out with the old, in with the cash.

Kitchen precision

It’s a little gross to think about, but we all have a few items past their sell by dates in our fridges and pantries. Check your cupboards for tins and packets, your freezer for items that have been in there longer than three or four months and even your bar for old, unwanted booze.

Bedroom bliss

Sure, guests might not be visiting your bedroom, but don’t neglect this room, as it should be the perfect sanctuary for you to retire in at the end of the day. A closet cleanout is the obvious task, but don’t forget to get rid of junk that’s gathered up in your nightstand. Papers, old magazines, unused electronics (and all their chargers) should all be purged too!