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5 Ways to prep your home for a show day

  1. Repaint the walls in neutral colours

As much as you love your burgundy red wall, it might put off potential buyers. Painting your walls in neutral tans and whites will allow viewers to focus on the space and not individual décor.


  1. Pay attention to smells

Be careful what you cook on the morning of a show day. Bacon might taste delicious, but the smell will linger and the last thing you want is for your home to smell like a fast food restaurant.


  1. Hide personal items

Prospective buyers are going to be picturing themselves living in your home, but personal pictures or notes on the fridge can make that a little tricky.



Photo: http://uglyhousephotos.com


  1. Let there be light

Open up all your windows and blinds to let natural light flow in. If you have any darker rooms, switching on a few standing lamps and table lights will make the world of difference. Brighter rooms immediately feel bigger and more inviting.


Photo: lightmynest.com


  1. Close the toilet!

When it comes to photographing or showing your home, you’ll be surprised how much this little trick can make a difference.


  1. Remove bulky furniture

Oversized furniture can make your space look smaller and this is not the way to attract potential buyers. Make sure the only furniture you keep in your space is both functional and in scale with the rest of the room.